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Book Creator is an app for creating digital books. It allows students to add images, text and sound to their projects. Book Creator has a wide variety of applications in the classroom ranging from creative story writing to presentation style projects. Book Creator also allows teachers to create templates that can be shared with the class. These templates can be tailored to specific subject areas and provide students with a work book for each project. Examples can be downloaded from the Digital Technology Workbook series page.

Starting your project.  it’s as easy as one, two, three!
Step 1 – Write your storyline.
Step 2 – Create your illustrations.
Step 3 – Take your photos.


Now you’re ready to create with Book Creator.

How to use Book Creator

How to create a Book Creator Template

Templates are an excellent way to work with students as a class group. Teachers can create a template that can be shared with the class via AirDrop. Students can interact with the content by add elements like photos, voice recordings and annotations. The tutorial below will give you a step by step guide to creating engaging and interactive content.

Examples of using Book Creator in the classroom

A year 2 student using Book Creator and the app Numbers to create a data story. Students were asked to investigate, recognise and explore patterns in the data.

A re innovation of the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty for a year 2 project.

Students using Book Creator and Minecraft PE to create a study of the number 14.

For more projects check out the Digital Technology Workbook series. 

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