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Green screen is an effect where an object or person is filmed in front of a green or blue screen allowing the footage to be super imposed in front of an image or movie. Green screen has many applications in the classroom including creating book reviews, news reports, TV ads and special effects.

How to make your movie in three easy steps.
  1. Create your object.
  2. Create the backdrop.
  3. Film using a green screen app.


Green Screen by Do Ink is a popular app that students can use to apply the green screen effect to their projects. The video below explains how to use it.

Some things to remember.
  1. Don’t wear green or have green in your object.
  2. Use a tripod if you require steady footage.
  3. Use the Chroma and Sensitivity settings to fine tune the effect.
  4. Use the help menu if you get stuck.


The video below shows the raw green screen footage. In this scene the iPad was moved in a wave motion to simulate flying. You may notice the green block used hold the dragon in mid air.


The finished movie with the background in place.


The video below is an example of a year 6 Natural Disasters unit where students were asked to create news report of natural disaster.


It’s Super Dog!

Year 6 have been using green screen footage in their trailers. A great way to for students to express their creativity.

Sphero Green Screen

An example of Green Screen using the green glow of a Sphero, iMovie and Keynote. This concept could be applied to a range of learning areas.


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