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Sphero Maths Activities.

Sphero Numbers


Sphero Shapes


Sphero Number Lines


Sphero Skip Counting


Sphero Metres


Sphero Money 1


Sphero Money 2


Sphero Money AR


Draw shapes with Sphero


Making Square with Sphero BOLT


Learning about addition with Sphero BOLT


Learning about subtraction with Sphero BOLT


Expressing Fractions with Sphero BOLT


The Sphero Clock


The Sphero Clock with Sphero BOLT


Spin the Dice with Sphero BOLT


Sphero Spin Sums


AR Sphero Shapes


Learn how to make an AR Sphero Maze
Sphero Maths Mini Golf


Sphero Number Bots

Explore Odd and Even, Two digit numbers, Greater than / Less than, basic addition and lots more with Sphero Number Bots. Great activity for differentiation, revision and collaborative learning.




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