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How to paint with a Sphero

Make a box approximately 55 cm x 70 cm x 12 cm. Place a piece of light A4 cardboard at one end to serve as the paint tray. Then place a piece of A3 paper at the other end to paint on. Simply roll the Sphero into the paint and then on to the A3 paper.


Painting Tips

1. Use tilt mode in the Sphero drive app. This will provide more control when driving the Sphero.

2. Move the Sphero slowly.

3. Add a small amount of water to the paint. This will make the paint go further plus allow the Sphero to move around more freely.

4. Use cardboard as the paint tray to stop it being rolled up by the Sphero. Taping the painting down will also prevent this from happening.

5. Number the Spheros and boxes so they don’t get mixed up. This will ensure that iPads and Spheros don’t get mixed up.

Sphero Painting Gallery
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