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Sphero can be coded using a range of apps including TynkerSwift Playgrounds and Sphero Edu.

Learning to code with Sphero

Learning to code can be daunting for both the students and teachers. The worksheet below features eight activities with an easy step by step guide to learning to code with Sphero. The activities are progressive and offer block suggestions to help students complete each level.

Sphero Beginner Coding image

Sphero Coding Maze

In this challenge students were asked to find a solution to the maze by coding the Sphero. In completing this task they were required to collaborate, problem solve and show resilience as they tested their code.

As an extension activity students could also be asked to create their own maze as a challenge for other members of the class to complete.

Download Worksheet 3        Reflection

Sphero Golf

In this project students were given the challenge of creating mini golf courses that could be coded with a Sphero. Students were required to show group management skills in order to design and create their mini golf holes. Groups then played each others courses in a mini golf tournament.

Download Worksheet 3              Reflection 

Sphero Slalom Challenge

The Sphero slalom challenge given students the opportunity to design and create a basic maze on paper. This task allows students to determine the difficulty of the maze they create and is a good introductory project to get students engaged in coding with a Sphero. Groups can then swap projects and play each others courses.

Download Worksheet 3                Reflection

Sphero Shapes

This project uses a Sphero, a cup and a marker pen to create visual representations of a variety of shapes. It also allows students to reinforce their knowledge of the angles that make up each shape.

Download the worksheet 2


Download Worksheet 3                  Reflection

The Uber Eats Challenge

Students created a map of their town and coded cars powered by Spheros from a local eatery to their home as part of a mapping and location unit in Maths.


The Sphero Clock

Students create a clock face that can be coded by a Sphero to learn about time.

Download Worksheet 3

Coding a Sphero through an AR Maze created with the app AR Makr.


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