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Sphero makes an excellent power source. A number of simple construction projects can be designed to challenge students to make robots and vehicles that can be driven by a Sphero.

Sphero Make a Bot

A great project for primary aged students that enables them to constructed a robot from a paper cup, a straw, paper and some tape.

Checkout the Sphero Make-a-Bot Activity card

Sphero Make-a-Bot Activity Card

Sphero Make-a-Bot Activity CardActivity Card

The Sphero Super Sports

The Sphero Super Sports represents an opportunity for students to design and construct a vehicle powered by a Sphero. Basic construction materials include light cardboard, a straw, tape and milk bottle tops.

Download Worksheet 3                Reflection

Sphero Car template

Sphero Car template

Sphero BattleBots

A fun STEM orientated project that gives students a number of design challenges. The competition aspect of the project allows students to evaluate their BattleBots performance and make the necessary changes.

Checkout the Sphero BattleBots Activity card

Sphero Activity Card - BattleBots

Sphero Activity Card – BattleBotsActivity Card

Sphero BattleBots 3.0

A new version of Sphero BattleBots featuring a peg clip release and shark fin.

Rescue at Sea

This project presents students with a rescue scenario that they must solve as a group. Students will need to design and create a vehicle powered by a Sphero to retrieve a bacon and save the crew. The open ended nature of the task will present a number of challenges for groups as they design, build and test their creations. This STEM orientated project has multiple solutions and is well suited to upper primary and lower secondary students.

Download Worksheet 3              Reflection

Sphero Soccer-Bots

Check out Sphero Soccer-Bots. A great little fun project to engage students in Robotics, construction and STEM.


How to make a Sphero Soccer-Bot

The Sphero Engine

The Sphero engine gives students a basic design to create a range of motors powered by a Sphero. This concept can be modified and applied to machines like cars, winches and cranes. This STEM orientated project is well suited to upper primary and lower secondary students.

Download Worksheet 3                  Reflection

The James Cook Project

A year four HAAS project that used a Sphero to highlight the voyage of Captain James Cook in 1768.


Rosie’s Walk

A year one retell of the story book ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins. Students created puppets out of paper cups and retold the story using Spheros.

Sphero Cup Characters Activity Card

Sphero Cup Characters Activity CardActivity Card


The Uber Eats Challenge

Students created a map of their town and coded cars powered by Spheros from a local eatery to their home as part of a mapping and location unit in Maths.


Burnie the Robot – Drink Station

Students created a drink station that allowed a Robot to serve a cup of water to person.

Burnie the Robot – Medicine Dispenser

Students created a medicine dispenser that allowed a Robot to deliver medication to a person.

The Sphero Spider

Say hello to the Sphero Spider. A great construction idea for class projects on spiders.

The Sphero Ladybird

Bring insects to life with the Sphero ladybird. A great little construction project to make with a paper cup, plate and paper straws.


The Sphero Grasshopper

Check out the Sphero Grasshopper. Made from a paper cup, plate and some straws. An awesome Sphero construction project for any students learning about insects.

The Sphero Ant

Meet the Sphero Ant. Made from two paper cups and some straws. A great STEAM activity for Junior Primary.


The Sphero Ants in action


How to make a Sphero Ant

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