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Coding the robot is an unplugged activity that introduces students to the concept of using commands. Each member of the group has a role to play. Students form groups of three with one student will being the programmer, one student being the observer and one student being the robot.

Step 1 – The programmer gives the Robot a series of simple commands (code). e.g. walk forward 3 steps, turn left, walk forward 2 steps, turn right, walk forward 2 steps, stop. To start (run) the code the programmer taps the robot on the shoulder or says “run”.

Step 2 – The observer watches the robot to insure the code was successfully executed.

Step 3 – The students then discuss the process and make changes (debug) if required.

Step 4 – Change roles and repeat.


1. Each group is given a set of code to follow.

2. Groups can create their own code using written instructions or symbols.

3. Groups can also be given a problem to solve by navigating a short obstacle course.


Students can also write code in the form of text or visual symbols.

Download Worksheet 3

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