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The Digital Technology Workbook Series are Book Creator templates designed to be shared with the class. Each book allows students to edit the book and fill in sections of work. Students can take photos, add drawings, writing and manipulate objects in the process of achieving their learning goals. Each book in the series can be downloaded from Book Creator online via the links below.

My Garden Walk

My Garden Walk has been designed for students to collect, sort and represent data about the objects that they find in a school garden or outdoor setting (e.g. flowers, sticks, leaves, trees). The book also has a number of activities that link to The Australian Curriculum plus a success criteria to assist teachers in making judgement around the students progress.


My Data Story

My Data Story has been designed to use with data kits. Kits may include items like spoons, pegs, poms poms, paddle pop sticks and foam squares. They should also feature a range of colours. Students will need to sort the data kits by object, colour and size etc. Then photograph, record and chart each data type.


Learning to Code with Robbie the Robot


My Digital Systems


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