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ScratchJr is a visual block coding app designed to introduce coding to younger students. It allows students to make characters move by arranging blocks in a certain order. It is very versatile and is excellent for creating stories and making interactive games.

How to use ScratchJr


Examples of using ScratchJr in class.

Maths Games

An interactive maths game made with ScratchJr


A number line game made with ScratchJr
A ScratchJr odd and even numbers puzzle.
A coding game made with ScratchJr designed help students find multiple solutions to a problem.


Creative Stories

A year 3 creative story about playing school approved games. Find out more by downloading the digital book ‘Creating Stories with ScratchJr’.

Download Worksheet 3Reflection

A retell of The Lax with ScratchJr


Procedural Text

A ScratchJr Procedural Text.


Other Projects

A ScratchJr puzzle for living and non living things.


A ScratchJr Fruit Dodge game with user input.


An example of conditional code
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