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Teaching with the iPad is based on my work as a specialist Digital Technology teacher over the last 6 years. It features practical day to day tips on teaching with the iPad in class. This practice has been based on a shared iPad model, however many of the teaching strategies apply also in a 1:1 setting. The book itself is written in the sequence beginning, middle and end to give teachers information for each part of the lesson.

The book is aimed at teachers who are starting their journey with the iPad and those who are wishing to develop their skills further. It should be noted that the views in this book are only one way of doing things and that teachers will need to develop their pedagogy based on their class needs, cohort and school setting.

Like all skills, good teaching pedagogy needs to be practiced and developed. I especially think this is the case when teaching with technology. It is my hope that teachers will find this book valuable in developing their own classroom practice in teaching with the iPad.

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